My Combinator app is coming soon!
My Combinator app
is coming soon!

I combine the best apps & trade secrets

Learn from my free PDFs and
watch the best YouTube videos
- Junior Pierre

No e-books, No courses,
No coaching needed

Welcome to my website! Learn about the best apps (and trade secrets) by reading my free PDFs titled
Viral Social Media Marketing and From Startup to Unicorn in Six Steps.

I’m also developing an app that is decentralized from the Apple/Google app stores. You no longer need to spend a lot of time and money trying to get your apps approved by Apple and Google. I will show you the latest and greatest apps and methods to maximize your profits and brand’s awareness.

The best YouTube videos

You can watch new YouTube videos (and tutorials) for free with no commercials and no interruptions.

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Start using the best trade secrets

I combine the best apps and technologies to maximize sales, profits, and followers.

Have you ever heard of Y Combinator? They are a startup accelerator that helped launch over 3,000 successful companies, with a combined valuation of 1 trillion dollars. Unfortunately, they only accept 1% of applicants each year to share their technologies and resources.

After raising 1 million dollars for my startup, I created a site with free tutorials to help ALL businesses thrive, like how Y Combinator helps the tech industry. I provide a list of apps with valuable trade secrets I learned from the top-valued Alumni of Y Combinator.

High-end services
at the lowest prices

I also create impactful designs, content, and websites that help your brand stand out.

Keep in mind prices may vary depending on demand and availability.

Brand Design

From developing memorable logos and brand identities to designing stunning websites, we work closely with each client to increase profits and brand awareness.


Our experts have a passion for branding and networking. We provide breathtaking graphics, automated apps, and popular influencers to promote your profiles.

Website Design

Led by Junior, and a team of seven designers, we create websites to make a lasting impression. We also save you money and time with built-in app features and notifications.

Check out my portfolio...

Special Offers...

Logo Design

Perfect for businesses and individuals who want a unique and memorable logo

1 - 3 Days | $25 each addt'l hour

$150 Now $100


 We use the best graphics to increase engagement and create ads/targeted posts

3 platforms | $250 each addt'l platform

$1,000 Now $750

YouTube Marketing

We pay real people to increase engagement and impressions from YouTube’s algorithm

4 - 8 Weeks | $50 each addt'l hour

$1,500 Now $1,250

*Special offer of (30) posts. We normally offer (20) posts for our Social Media plan

Viral Marketing (PDF)

No coaching, No e-books, and No courses, my PDF has the top apps, methods, and secrets

$50 Free

Business Plan (PDF)

Easily learn to market your brand with the best apps and secrets for a profitable business

Download full .zip (April 10th, 2023)

$150 Free

Photoshop Editing

Combine the power of AI with real-life pictures for stunning visuals that take your breath away

2 - 3 Days | $25 each addt'l hour

$250 Now $100

Graphic Designs

We create the most engaging content for social media or any type of project cover

2 - 3 Days | $25 each addt'l hour

$250 Now $100

Website + App

Let your customers access your site across all devices with our built-in mobile app 

2 - 3 Weeks | $50 each addt'l hour

$5K Now $3K

Small Business

Our designers and marketing experts will establish your brand and reach a wider audience

1 - 3 Days | $25 each addt'l hour

$750 Now $500

*We use videos and screenshots to prove our work hours