Viral Marketing (PDF)


No e-books, no courses, and no coaching needed!

Make your posts go viral with four easy steps from our PDF file.

Going viral on social media is often thought of as a mysterious and unpredictable phenomenon, but the truth is the strategy involves paying for apps (and people) to increase your interactions and followers.

Below is the link to the most successful social media marketing platform and the top apps recommended by Junior.


Step 1: Register your account

Join the largest social media marketplace in the world.


Step 2: Deposit funds to buy services

Below is a list of all the platforms you can buy marketing services for with prices as low as $0.02 for views/likes and $0.09 for comments. Verified comments and shoutouts range between $2 and $100 depending on how popular the influencer or brand is.




Step 3: Top Apps for Social Media


Step 4: Paid Ads (Optional)


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